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Now Customers Can List their Items for Local Pick Up

April 2, 2016


Today, Christopher’s List has finalized the configuring of their systems to allow both businesses and individuals anywhere in the United States to list items for local pick up. These items will be listed on up to 6 of the largest marketplaces in the country. Currently, Amazon does not allow for local pick up.

“This new feature opens our business to both businesses and individuals who sell items that would otherwise be too expensive to ship because of their size or weight,” owner Christopher Richter said.

He described this new feature as an “improved Craigslist”. Christopher said, “instead of meeting up with a stranger to exchange an item for cash, which can be incredibly dangerous, our system will now facilitate that connection thus making it safer for both the sellers and the buyers.”

Christopher’s List provides a service which lists items and maximizes profit on 7 of the largest online marketplaces in the countr